Many bar managers or owners usually think that the quality of the drinks they serve is their biggest asset. While the specially crafted beer or mixed drinks served by a bar is the main attraction for clients, the glass used by the drinks is equally important.

Importance of using the right glass shapes


Serving the drinks in the right glass shapes is crucial as well. For instance, the big handles of beer mugs provide more function other than form. The beer stays cool longer when customers’ hands are kept off the glass. The proper taste of the beer is also maintained when it’s kept cool for longer periods.

The thin and tall flutes of a champagne glass, on the other hand, help to slow down the escape of carbon dioxide. The presence of carbon dioxide is the thing that makes the drink bubbly and using a shorter glass will not achieve this.

The two examples of glass shapes provided are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to serving drinks. Yet, keeping these glasses sparkling clean is important when you want to maintain the good reputation of your bar.

Importance of an undercounter bar glass washer


It may sound like a cliché, but keeping the glassware in your bar sparkling clean all the time provides the best experience for patrons. Using the perfect glass for a drink will hardly count when it is not clean.

First impression counts in a bar experience as well and any residue or spotting seen in a glass can certainly ruin it. The taste of the drink is also affected by the state of the glass. Improper rinsing can leave a chemical residue and ruin the drink.

The properties of a drink can also be physically changed with improper rinsing of chemical sanitizers. Chemical sanitizers have been seen to drastically change the head, taste, and colour of beer.

To this end, using the best bar glass washer is crucial. And opting for an undercounter bar glass washer provides the best benefits, including:

Better than traditional sink glassware washing

The sanitising process provided by an undercounter bar glass washer uses high temperatures to leave glasses sanitised, clear, and clean from any chemical residues. The short rinse process after the hot water procedure offer the best way to completely clean and sanitise the glasses.

Saves water and energy

A supply of cold water is the only thing needed by specialised glass washers for your bar to leave glasses sparkling clean. Multiple filling of hot water in the sink can be a tedious as well as an expensive process. Using gallons of hot water for cleaning glasses quickly adds to the cost of your water and energy bills.

An undercounter bar glass washer with an energy star rate provides a high-efficient process of cleaning the glasses.


Labour efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to the quick washing of bar glasses. Mixing drinks and serving bar patrons become a quick process with help from an energy-efficient undercounter bar glass washer. The washer is the smartest way to ensure clean and sanitised glasses and dishes at all times.

Provide the process of reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a process of purifying the water of the glasswasher. The process polishes glasses as soon as you get them from the machine. It eliminates the tedious task of hand-polishing the glassware to make it sparkling clean.








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